* All Main dishes are served with two side orders:white or yellow rice, beans, green beans, baked potato, Rosemary potato, grilled tomoto or home made Salad
Ground Chicken Kabab (with spices) $17.50
Chicken Shish Kabab $19.50
Ground Beef Kabab (with spices) $20.50
Grilled Chicken Breast $22.50
Fried Chicken Breast (schnitzel) $22.50
Baby Chicken Shish Kabab $22.50
Marinated Chicken Breast $23.50
Persian Chicken Shish Kabab (with rice, gr. tomato & onion) $22.50
Mixed Chicken with Mushroom & Onion(served on sizzling plate) $27.50
Pepper Chicken(served on sizzling plate) $27.50
Beef Shish Kabab $29.00
Pepper Steak (served on sizzling plate $32.00
**STEAKS are available with our Special Home made Sauce with Mushrooms for an extra charge of $3 **
Soft Cut Rib Eye (12oz) $40.50
Rib Steak (16oz) $42.50
House Steak (14oz) $48.00
New York Rib Steak (20oz) $49.00
Extra Large House Steak (18oz) $57.00
Steak With Mushroom Sauce $3.00
* For extra mushroom & onions with the Steak on a sizzling plate $7