* All Main dishes are served with two side orders:white or yellow rice, beans, green beans, baked potato, Rosemary potato, grilled tomoto or home made Salad
Ground Chicken Kabab (with spices)
Chicken Shish Kabab
Ground Beef Kabab (with spices)
Grilled Chicken Breast
Fried Chicken Breast (schnitzel)
Baby Chicken Shish Kabab
Marinated Chicken Breast
Persian Chicken Shish Kabab (with rice, gr. tomato & onion)
Mixed Chicken with Mushroom & Onion(served on sizzling plate)
Pepper Chicken(served on sizzling plate)
Beef Shish Kabab
Pepper Steak (served on sizzling plate
**STEAKS are available with our Special Home made Sauce with Mushrooms for an extra charge of $3 **
Soft Cut Rib Eye (12oz)
Rib Steak (16oz)
House Steak (14oz)
New York Rib Steak (20oz)
Extra Large House Steak (18oz)
Steak With Mushroom Sauce
* For extra mushroom & onions with the Steak on a sizzling plate $7