Mixed Green Salad $7.50
Italian Salad
(string beans, roasted red peppers, olives & diced tomatoes)
Spinach Sauté or Portabella Mushroom Sauté $11.00
Broccoli Sauté $10.00
Stuffed Mushrooms with Spinach $13.00
Tropical Salad *Recommended* (lots of vegetables) $13.50


Pasta with Marinara Sauce $15.00
Pasta with Mushroom $16.00
Pasta Primavera (with vegetables) $16.00
Pasta with Spinach, Olives & Mushrooms $16.00
Pasta with Broccoli $18.00
Pasta Alfredo $16.00
Pasta with Chicken & Mushroom or Spaghetti Bolognese $18.50

Pasta with Marinara Sauce


Chicken Primavera
(stuffed with vegetables)
Rosemary Chicken
(served with string beans & carrots)
Chicken Franchise with Lemon Sauce $17.50
Chicken Scarpariello(with Mushroom and red Peppers) $18.00
Chicken Pizziolla
(with mushroom, red and green peppers)
Chicken Marsala (with Mushroom) $22.50
Beef Pizziolla(with mushroom, red and green peppers) $22.50
Fish-Salmon Francaise
(with our house sauce)
Fish-Fillet of Sole
(fried with bread crumbs)
Veal Marsala $34.00
Veal Picante
(cooked in white wine & lemon)
All Italian Entrees are served with one slide order:white rice, yellow rice, string beans and carrot, or Rosemary potatoes.